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enveloping connection

Dec 2014 arrived and all of a sudden I was inviting the magnificent humans on my mailing list to partake in a little postal project.

I called it… enveloping (the human) connection (in 36.5 letters)

The message went out:enveloping connection project indigo eli

To the very human you,

This project is bare bones seeking.
It’s a small, quiet experiment in reaching out and rethreading connection.
It’s about enveloping the atmosphere of moments, for them to be unwrapped later, somewhere else, by another.

…  to reveal full invite, unwrap little envelope above

The lettering began

Inspiration arrived from the given prompts and objects encountered in my everyday travels. Distance, both personal and geographic, crafted my curiosity into collaged correspondences. Wandering between parks and postboxes, thoughts and processes, one state and another, I formed (or reformed), enveloped and posted a documentation of musings and moments.

All while pondering:
When there are far more immediate methods of communication at hand, what exactly do you put in a letter nowadays?

Other questions quickly arose:
What is it, exactly, that makes something human?
What defines a letter? (let alone a half one)
Why have I come to fear my own handwriting? and
Will these enveloped somethings be the connective threads we’re hoping for?

Sample of the resultant letters

Many thanks to all participants for responding with openness, enthusiasm and creativity.

Though not an obligation, or encountered in each case, replies soon flew in. Connections were revealed, questioned and seemingly strengthened over a series of back and forth. These threaded correspondences are being tied together and sorted for circulation … stay tuned.

(Update: the reply series can be found here)

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5 thoughts on “enveloping connection

  1. greenasjade on said:

    I’ve been quietly looking forwards for this reflection to appear.

  2. greenasjade on said:

    Hah hah – I just noticed, quite a while after first seeing the picture, reading the comments, and making some wrong deductions, that the eyes are condiments, not condoms! And that letter #22 envelope is not the envelope of the face 🙂

  3. indigo eli on said:

    Brilliant fun! The connections are there for the reading, rethread them as you will. 😉

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