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(with(in)side) out – in progress

“human you are a cell within the body of the work”

(with(in)side) out invites you to dissect the uncertainties of your own form.

(with(in)side) out is:
a thought-data experiment
an exploration of embodiment and knowledge
a perceptual translation of ‘Records of translation vi.’*
a new approach to live poetry
a poem in progress …

‘Records of translation vi.’, Devon Ward, displayed with (with(in)side) out takeaway thought ‘photographs’ photo: indigo eli

“the pen is …
what if I float this thought-matter, preserve it in letter shapes, hear myself hearing, here where you hear it too?”

with(in)side out began life as a response to:
a curious object appearing to contain fleshy matter,
the question: how does the configuration of my body limit what I know?
and the identification of thought as data for translation into poetic form.

* This curious object was later revealed as ‘Records of translation vi.’ by artist Devon Ward. It is a crafted containment of dissected neural tissue, brain matter flowing within an object the artist refers to as a pen.

with(in)side out has grown from the original thought-data into a spoken word soundscape with projected imagery, textual translations and digital illustrations.

CAUTION: work in progress
This is a body of work in development. Edges are fluid and evolving, the ins and outs of form are yet to be defined.

Kiss Club, CIA Studios: 

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chapbook / textual translation:

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“transgressive yet hypnotic”Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Thanks to CIA Studios and Writ Poetry Review for providing live performance testing grounds, Devon Ward, Amber Bateup, early audiences and all who have supported the project thus far. Good humans, the lot of you.

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