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Want to create a sense of space? To engage and connect with people, patrons or the public, in poetic ways?


Artwork installations

artworks such as Child Protection. Act are available for display. (with(in)side) out is available for audio installation, soft ground for audio video installation. leaving can be created as a site-specific, durational performative installation – each leaf is handprinted with ‘everything is transient’, embracing themes of change and letting go.

Chalk installations

Chalk poems or lines of poems can be marked in public or private space. Make your event speak out onto the street. Guide patrons into your venue with a talking point. Temporal and impermanent.

Intimate installations

What is a poetic fortune? Imagine a fortune cookie made love to a cup of coffee. These intimate installations delivered individually under mugs provide cafe patrons with a sip of the unexpected. Lines of poetry from Indigo’s work provide a personal interaction that patrons can muse on and keep.
See also postal projects.

Interactive installations

nest functions as a clothes swap that takes place over a period of time. Clothes and their stories are donated to the project, Indigo weaves them into a nest before the community is invited back to deconstruct the installation, to find clothes and their stories and take them home.

Case Studies

cafe installations

Cafe installations or residencies can combine the personally delivered poetic fortunes with public chalk installations; window quotes and/or sidewalk chalk poetics. For special events or just because. Poetry mugs are also available for purchase.

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(with(in)side) out

(with(in)side out functions as an audio (sometimes audio-video) installation and experimental poetry performance. Audiences are invited to lay on the floor to experience this introspective work. Duration 10 minutes.

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… the social element was really inspiring – an art exhibit designed to be deconstructed and taken away.

David Jobling, artist, on nest

Transgressive yet hypnotic.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell, poet, on (with(in)side) out

Let’s install something great together.

photo credits: indigo eli, Royce Kurmelovs

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