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NEST residency and showing Sept 2013

NEST- Goodwood-Grab-The-Goodwood-Institute-indigo-eli-2013

For one week a gorgeous room in The Goodwood Institute gave home to the residency project NEST. This occasion offered space and structure to the whispered beginnings of an exploration into the Poetry Of Object.

Nest, an artwork woven from donated clothing, saw the residency accommodate an interactive clothes swap. Visitors were invited to donate their disused or discarded clothing and associated stories to the Nest and later unravel and take from it what they so desired.

Surrounding this was an entwined visual space, an experimental presentation of collected items: budgie bones, treasured trinkets, eggs, both real and inflated, paper and fibre, the occasional word or two. NEST took one week to build and in one night it was deconstructed and disappeared.

Thanks … to The Goodwood Institute and everyone who dropped in over the week with donations, came along to the event, helped me source materials, dove in and pulled apart the clothes nest, carefully dismantled the rest afterwards or showed support in other entwined ways.

Feedback from the night of the showing:

“absorbing and fascinating… the social element was really inspiring – an art exhibit designed to be deconstructed and taken away” – David Jobling

“It was indeed beautiful” – Caroline Reid

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