indigo eli

The Poetry of Object 0.1

The Poetry of Object 0.1
solo exhibition, indigo eli

Shown alongside David Jobling’s incredibly layered work ‘The Fit In Room’
Oct 2013 at Tooth and Nail Gallery, South Australia.

“By inverting the natural order of things, and in reconfiguring the mundane, she invokes the need to continually question how we inscribe meaning, how we can each defy or redefine, and how art can mould, cast and reinvent everyday experiences.”

artist statement:

poetry speaks the unspoken, seeks to make the intangible tangible

These artworks mark the first phase in an ongoing exploration with the inherited stories of objects and the imagery they are capable of creating. As a poet and artist I’m intrigued by the exploration of poetry in performance, as both written and unwritten, here as object. Each piece is a poem in itself. As it is with much poetry, the meanings are multiple and subjective.



exhibition review:

“Her pieces signpost the limitations of language and media forms in the creation of meaning and identity; in moving beyond the constrictive nature of words and syntax.”

The Fit In Room & The Poetry of Object 0.1 – Jordana Lennox, Glam Adelaide


The Poetry of Object 0.1 catalogue:

Thousands of individually hand-printed eucalyptus leaves inform this installation. Found discarded on the roadside, wooden limbs have been stripped, burnt and suspended, with select separations rebound. Materials include book pages and thread.
Encouraged not to alter the artwork, visitors are invited to leave with an individual leaf.

The nest, a clothes swap, acts as a deconstructive artwork. 
At specific times during the exhibition guests will be invited to search through and take items they may desire from the Nest. Donations can be made at the gallery and will be hand woven into the clothes nest during the exhibition.

Functional poetics, these printed ceramic mugs come in six designs; two quote and four full poem options, dishwasher and microwave safe.  Purchasers are invited to take a ‘mug shot’ photograph with or of their mug for contribution to the artist’s mug shot gallery archive.

sneezing 0.1       
hand-stitched handkerchief

sneezing 0.2  
hand-stitched handkerchief

hand-stitched napkin

chalk installation

“Eli creates her own unique language, a ‘poetry of the object’. In their ‘silence’ these pieces speak volumes…”

Exhibitions The Fit In Room & The Poetry of Object 0.1 were opened by Gaelle Mellis on 18 Oct 2013, followed by readings of the artists’ work.
35-copyPatch Oliver performing ‘curiously omitting‘ by Indigo Eli in the artwork ‘nesting’.
see also:
David Jobling’s The Fit In Room



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