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Do you love snail mail, pine after pigeon post, miss the days when mailboxes were filled with personal surprises?

Indigo’s postal projects arose from her love of snail mail and the urge to connect with audiences in new ways. They began as personal projects, but can be tailored for councils, communities, even remote or isolated audiences. Post from a poet …


Personal Post

Remember the time when collecting the mail was exciting … it still can be. Postal projects are designed to deliver joy via personal postboxes. Unique creations have been posted across Australia and around the world. They can be documented online or kept private for a more personal touch.

At Home Audiences

Postal projects are able to reach audiences wherever there is a post box. There is scope for engagement and interactivity, or a one-way experience. Participants can self-nominate or find themselves opening a surprise.

Innovative Delivery

Poems, letters or collages are packaged throughout the project from new and found materials. They can be existing poems, theme or prompt responsive, and often experimental in form. Envelopes are often adapted or hand stitched. Audiences only have to travel as far as their mailbox to collect.

Document Festivals and Events

Bring something different to your event documentation. Postal projects can be tailor made for your event, photographed for your documentation needs, and exhibited online to reach a larger audience. See creative documentation.

Case Studies

enveloping (the human) connection (in 36.5 letters)

A personal project for my newsletter subscribers, enveloping connection was a small, quiet experiment in reaching out and rethreading connection.

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I Noted this for you

A postal project was used to connect with remote audiences and creatively document Noted Festival, an experimental writing festival in the ACT.

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Great idea and real connecting.

Caroline Reid, poet and participant

She offered a counter to contemporary festival documentation – which tends to be heavily skewed toward videography and other digital mediums – with a tactile and personalised approach.

… the results were both surprising and beautiful.

Lucy Nelson, Noted Festival

Let’s envelope connection together.

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