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documentation with a difference

Indigo’s creative documentation seeks to share an experience or event by providing insight into the moments that make the whole.

Benefits may include:

  • unique access for those not present
  • a nostalgic record for those who are
  • personal interactive experiences through unassuming interactions
  • spiced up evidence and acquittals – provide documentation with a difference, make documentary evidence to stakeholders standout
  • unique marketing materials for future promotions

Delivery options:

  • digital files or folio
  • exhibit online
  • combine with a postal project
    postal projects deliver crafted documentation to connect remote or isolated audiences and are photographed for your documentation needs


Responsive Creations

Unique one-off creations are crafted in real-time and then finalised after your event.

Writing, poems and collages are created from found materials including event documents, presentations, interactions and overheard dialogue.

Hand stitching, text and photography may all be used to compile your creative documentation.

Access and Inclusivity

Connect with those isolated from your event, geographically or otherwise, including due to disability.

Online documentation provides a unique view into your event.

Postal Project – crafted responses to your event will be sent out in the actual post – connecting remote individuals personally, without any pressure on them to respond.

Case Studies

I Noted this for you

Indigo creatively documented an experimental writers festival in Canberra. This was also delivered as a postal project and used to connect with remote audiences.

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arts and disability residency

Indigo applied her creative documentation approach to craft a written and visual creative document informed by the experience of an arts and disability residency. Poems, reflections, statistics, experiences and feedback from participants were all gathered into a digital archive.


She offered a counter to contemporary festival documentation – which tends to be heavily skewed toward videography and other digital mediums – with a tactile and personalised approach.

… the results were both surprising and beautiful.

Lucy Nelson, Noted Festival

Gorgeous! Beautiful, innovating writing…

public audience, art and disability documentation

Let’s document something special together.

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