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Dear Petal,

I penned this piece in March 2020. A world of unwelcome news had just hit and the whole planet seemed abuzz with anxiety.

I tried to ground myself and reach out … into the starry beyond.

I did manage a moment of real calm. I wrote in wonder. And as a reminder that little sanctuaries are possible. 

Now, after many moons of no community transmissions, my local area is locked down. It occurred as if in an instant. One minute you’re invited to a cafe, the next packing yourself in for a 6 day grind. Where you are at midnight, you stay.

A reminder perhaps … to fetch the foot cream, turn on the tunes and contemplate that ever-reaching night sky. 

A tiny offering, from my midnight to yours …

Be well.


poem soundtrack: Laura Veirs, Saltbreakers album



Dear Petal,

Like a rose, peek in the night
                  … at the stars, the long reach out into orbit.

Out there … where
                                  … blankets       … are colour-built;   light.


in the night … seek the stars … and moons … reach                   …  find space.


Rinse your eyes a little.

Don’t touch face but those feet … rub, rub …  rub …

Through soft peppermint, funnel the body back into itself.
Sew yourself back together. Sole up.
From edge in. From the ground.


Do it in amber light. With Laura Veirs to your left, crooning.
A pile of unread books, spines titled towards you, on the right.
…   next to the lamp you chose


                                                         { always choose the lamp }


               or universal income ?  


Listen to ‘the armpit of a crow’



                                                                                                     break salt with tears.



                                                   … wonder where to put your leaking.


… salt your treasures …


Come back in to your self.
Find sanctuary.
In body.
In face.
In sound.
In place.


  how to            find home again inside your skin

                                                   … listen to Laura Veirs
                                                   and rub kept feathers                                  
                                                   into your feet


                                                                                     pepper love with minty stars


                                                                                                            reach out and in at the same
same moment


© Indigo Eli. Terms of Use.

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