indigo eli


A sphere-like mess

of tangled betrayal lies at the base

of my spine.

A collation of mistrust and misdeeds,

those fine strands of spinifex

that bind together so easily

into knots.

It drops roots like anchors.

Shoots extend up my spine.

Again, I cut them back

as they grow into my cranium.

I’ve tried:

toxic spills, anti-fertiliser pills,

growth retardant and boundary stakes

but now I’ve decided to stop

and just stare at it…

before one day grabbing

a gardening fork and

wrestling that sucker up by its roots.

materials: root-ball from a climbing vine, chopped and wrestled from the earth by the poet’s hands

dimensions: H: 40cm W:75cm D: 60cm


The Connected Thread
hARTs group exhibition
Old Onkaparinga Woollen Mill, Lobethal
SALA Festival 2018

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  1. Very cool.. Wonderful resolution. Lovely

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