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Nothing To See Hear

collaborative idea development
Unfixed Residency at Pervasive Media Studios, Watershed, Bristol UK.

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‘a beautiful idea, brilliantly realised’

“Aidan Moesby, Indigo Eli, John Flanagan-Willanski and Sue Williams worked together to create a new piece titled ‘Nothing to see, hear’. The work manifest as a blank piece of white paper that viewers were encouraged to explore with their hands. As they touched different areas of the ‘image’ they triggered sounds that poetically described the work, enabling them to build the image in their own imaginations – to see by listening. Working with Unfixed’s Fee Plumley and Studio resident Jono Sandilands, the group used conductive ink on the back of the blank sheet, to bring their piece to life. It was a beautiful idea, brilliantly realised.”

-Rachael Burton, Unfixed: the meeting point of art, disability and technology 
Pervasive Media Studio News

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the prototype at work. image description: a pair of hands explore a blank sheet of white paper, displayed on a white wall. A cord travels down from behind the artwork.

Investigating the theme of ‘subversive ink’ the group decided to subvert the visual and offer our own take on audio description, conceptualising a piece of visual art that appeared as a blank canvas.

Poetic evocations, cued by touch (and conductive ink), would allow audiences to access our hidden landscape.


connecting the tech, completing the circuit image description: images of birds and a tree created in black lines are being painted onto a sheet of paper with a small tube of electric paint. The black lines are connected by black wires to a circuit board.

  • artist presentation and live user test
    Pervasive Media Studios Lunchtime Talk, Unfixed Residency artists presentation, Watershed, Bristol UK, Sept 2016

photos: Shamphat Photography
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