indigo eli

Live Music with Laurie May. I sat down in a nest of ants. As I do the poem all hell breaks loose. Native endangered birds & here’s this little kid “Ahh.ahh…ahhhh!” (mimes swinging a water bottle) … “I used to breathe liquid air” “STOP HITTING THE BIRDS!” The woman with the fucken worms is screaming at everyone. 5.29… 5.29 1/2 … and I left. Jessica Friedman (J.F.): … it does feature a strong Canberra woman – the SkyWhale. Children screech: “It’s weird”, “it’s got boobs!”. Men take photos of themselves holding the nipples. ‘Wish you were here’ their gestures say. I must look like a cocktail olive but I don’t care. I only have myself to look after. It is bliss. My abdomen is still tender from the stitches of the birth. On the way home my breasts begin to ache. “Just like a cow.” “I’m sorry.” “Forget it.”

letter no 11 Noted Festival Postal Project indigo eli 2016

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