indigo eli

SAUNA SAGA (swimmers sesh) The Finnish embassy. Chris Embrey & a guy called Aaron? from the embassy told us many things about saunas & Finland. LIKE:- *95% of the students studying Finnish at Vienna University say it’s so they can understand Death metal lyrics (huge in Finland) [2006 Eurovision song was Finnish] *Next year is the centenary of Finland – before [?] occupied by Russia. *Saunas are [?] almost – spiritual part of Finnish culture – you can be born in a sauna and die in a sauna. Families sauna together, then as the children reach adolescence saunas are segregated by [sex ?] but all naked *Finnish people are more comfortable with silence than Australians/Europeans. Our tolerance for a pause is about 7 secs but for the Finnish it’s more like 20 secs.

letter no 9 Noted Festival Postal Project indigo eli cathy hunt 2016

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