indigo eli

poet or politician? Projected results Canberra is indeed a crazy place. That is a big statement, what happened the best night ever? Plans to tax anyone who dares use the word ‘vibrant’? Parliament taking on the poets for party hard status! I have heard the word ‘promote’ thrown around. Awareness of: LGBTI issues, parliamentary privilege, turtlenecks and underground cellars. *falsehoods and facts. Throw a frisbee to let off steam? Race the clock for whether it is making a difference and providing a voice … … … Do you know a poet just got elected: poem or campaign speech? Love that it questions. Wanted to Woah. Bringing the party together (in my view). Perhaps more exciting than I realise. How pleasant was your stay?

letter no 18 Noted Festival Postal Project indigo eli 2016

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