indigo eli


poetry speaks
the unspoken, seeks
to make the intangible tangible


“a raw poem is mist at the most distant point from words.”

My work stems from the urge to document intangibilities and speak the unspoken. I seek the impossible: to communicate that which exists in incommunicable form.

A multi-form poetic artist, my practice plays between writing, spoken word, performance, visual art, installation and everyday encounters. I am intrigued by the personal and universal, by the things we discard and those we hold dear. Recently I’ve been exploring human connection, textile, objects, legalities, language, embodiment and knowledge, exploring the question: where are the boundaries between one form and another?

Favourite words currently include: oology, unknowing and flapdoodle.

 audiences are saying:la la bird

“sublimely evocative
Jordana Lennox, GLAM Adelaide on The Poetry of Object 0.1
“as carefully structured as an egg shell”
Gretchen Miller, ABC Radio National
“transgressive yet hypnotic”
Scott-Patrick Mitchell on (with(in)side) out
“exceeds the traditional limits of poetry…a true entertainer”
Tom Cassidy, Night
“Indigo was awesome … I felt challenged by the poem but it was great!”
audience feedback, Body Image and Eating Disorders Forum
Women’s Health Statewide
“At last the veil was off … a fascinating insight … intriguing work!”
Sue Flemming, Professional Writing Co-ordinator, AC Arts
on ‘Indigo Eli: a process in development a development in process’
JUMP Mentorship showing, SPOKE Festival SA
[your poetry] clogged  … the vacuum cleaner 
Flinders University


A multi-form poetic artist based in South Australia, Indigo plays with the perception that art is the act of drawing the poetically elusive into form.
With leanings toward an experimental play with language her crafted creations are published, performed, encountered and exhibited. She explores themes of connection, in/tangibility, atmosphere, silence and voice in works that appear as written and spoken word, postal projects, object and textile art, live performance, installations and everyday encounters.
Indigo has presented at numerous festivals and received a variety of awards for her page, stage and multi-art works. She is a three-time Australian Poetry Slam national finalist and co-founder of two literary initiatives the nameless project and Spoken Word SA.
An Australia Council funded JUMP Mentee, in 2011 Indigo worked with ‘national treasure’ Margaret Cameron to inflate the performance parameters of poetry through perceptual practice, redefining the word ‘poem’ and opening possibilities for the creation of unique poetic performances through the languages of body, object, costume, sound and space.
Indigo likes strong coffee and fluffy clouds.

“By inverting the natural order of things, and in reconfiguring the mundane, she invokes the need to continually question how we inscribe meaning, how we can each defy or redefine, and how art can mould, cast and reinvent everyday experiences.”

Glam Adelaide on The Poetry Of Object 0.1

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