indigo eli

“angry glitter”

human interaction, circa Feb 2015

Some days we can only wish to park a soft hearted smile on the faces of those we meet, no matter the mood  …


That rascal who parked in your carpark for a really long time today, that was me. I just wanted to apologise again and let you know it wasn’t my intention to leave my car sitting there hours after coming into your shop.

I know that doesn’t make it ideal but it’s perhaps better than some deliberate sneak using your space like a free parking zone. I feel awful that you were left thinking some bloody rascal was off gallivanting in town without concern.

Without running you through the ins and outs of what caused my car to overstay its welcome, I just wanted to share that it wasn’t tomfoolery or disrespect. I acknowledge the extra cost (and bother) you must take on to both have and manage the parks, especially if people are taking liberties. I hope they’re not, or not often. 

Please don’t let this one occasion mar your opinion of carpark users. Some days we’re just human and get thrown off track. 

Thank you for not clamping, cursing or throwing angry glitter all over my car. If you’re going to do any of these in future, I suggest the glitter. I hope tomorrow brings you a well choreographed car park and a shop full of happy customers.

All the best, 


Hi Indigo,

Thanks for your lovely email.

Although it certainly wasn’t necessary to apologise, I really do appreciate that you took the time and effort to locate our details and send through an email.

I hope I didn’t across as too angry. In the past few months, the  ———  Council have completely ruined the parking throughout the area, and we often arrive at work to find that city commuters are using our carparks for all-day parking.

I appreciate that this wasn’t the case with you, and I hope you weren’t faced with too great of a drama. After speaking with you, I got the impression that there was not mischievous at hand, but rather you genuinely were held up somewhere.

Thanks for your well wishes and your very novel idea of “angry glitter”.

Thanks again,


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One thought on ““angry glitter”

  1. magicpoet01 on said:

    Always ready with a great idea – ‘angry glitter – indeed!

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