indigo eli

dam betulim

(blood of virginity)

tear those name tag covers off the story

she’s always me
and he’s always you

she’s always
five years old, blonde pigtails, short skirt, pinafore

he’s always … a big grey blur

she’s always
green back lawns, polaroid smiles, playing hide and seek

he’s always seeking … narrowing in on the kill

she’s always …
stuffing screams into her pockets, pretty pink parcels, red velvet
bed-head, dark room, hand over mouth, hand not hers

he’s always
old velour couch breath

she’s always gagging
something too solid for words

he’s always
a crooked . loaded . gun

she’s locked in position

he’s whispering evil soundless into the ear
spraying lies like fire

she’s always … numb … forgetting

he’s pounding marks through heavy-layered canvases of memory

she’s well finger-painted with forgetting

she’s …
stained, ruined … eyes like doomed puppies can’t save this

she is  Stained.   Ruined.   Fucked Open.   Unlidded.
… not even the pen that informs the song that writes itself can erase
the spoils of scoundrel and drop sheet

what devil happens upon the dye in that weave?
squeezes colour from face onto sacrificial altar?

she … is bloody bounty for a stolen prize
she is shadow; a trophy tarnished under silent layers of skin
so as not to lose face
as well as body


 performed in the Sydney Opera House during the 2009 Australian Poetry Slam national final, (third place)

first published in ‘Slam Poetry – finalists in the Australian Slam Poetry Competition 2009’, forward by Miles Merrill

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